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Marcia Z
Great massage It was good to be back after my post surgery hiatus. Thanks so very much.
Marcia Z
Great massage THe gentle touch and amount of pressure is wonderful. I will be back. Many blessings; glad I was recommended to you by Karen.
Excellent Body Work A friend of mine referred me to Alison and I was elated with the massage. I’ve had many massages over the years, and Alison gave me one of the best massages I’ve ever had. She knows muscle groups well (used to teach anatomy and physiology classes for massage therapists). She asked what kind of pressure I liked and where I wanted her to focus her efforts. I will be recommending her to a friend.
Herbert A
Saved! I’ve had mini massage in my past but this Hass to be one of the best I’ve ever had. Highly recommend it.
John N
great job Jordanna always does a great job, taking personal interest. She is recognized and respected by my other providers as well. Even scheduled a sunday appt for me and friend.
Merrie S
Awesome Jordana intuitively knows exactly what your body needs--and supplies that with her vast skill and talent.
Queren K
Amazing Jordana is very gifted and her experience is a huge bonus. She sat down with me and got to know me. Made the entire massage a conversation and I felt amazing the next day. I can’t wait to go back.
Alan W
PAIN RELIEF Thank You Jordana After drinking a half gallon of water and a light meal, I slept for 12 hours and woke up ready to go to work on my day off. Enough said.
Massage with Alison Alison had a manner that put me at ease and gave a really wonderful massage. She was attentive and responsive throughout. It was a great experience.
Feels of relief This was my first massage here in Lawrence. I will definitely be coming back for another session.
Awesome massage! Review of Jordana Arnold Jordana is amazing! Very knowledgeable and super skilled. Will definitely return!
Allie R
Satisfaction guaranteed Review of Jordana Arnold We were trying to figure Out how long I have been coming to Jordana and I think we settled on something like 30 years. This girl knows my body and totally helped integrate some things that I didn’t seem to be able to do any other way. I walked away from the table feeling like I was walking on clouds.
Mike D
Better Now I choose the title because that is how I always feel after a visit with Alison. She is very good at her work, competent, considerate & very knowledgeable. She also knows a great deal about an eclectic range of other subjects which makes a visit even more enjoyable. I recommend her very highly.
Christy K
I rely on Jordana I do a lot to take care of myself and appointments with Jordana help so much with recovery from injury, travel, stress. In a perfect world I'd schedule weekly!
massage every tissue responded to the relaxation I received from my massage. Thank you.
Marcia Z
Amazing Glad to know my body is more supple and relaxed, as that is my goal. Thanks for assisting in that process.
Merrie S
Amazing Jordana Jordana somehow knows what issues your body holds and then goes to work on them with gratifying results.
much needed Jordana was able to help a sore shoulder and forearm that had been overworked. I left feeling renewed and relaxed. I value her expertise and highly recommend her.
Jessica M
Great experience! Jordana was so welcoming, and took the time to talk with me about my lifestyle and offered suggestions for better health before our session. She communicated well what she was planning on doing during the massage. The session was very satisfying, in a way many other massages from other places I've been to aren't, and afterward we talked more about what she worked on. I'm looking forward to my next session!
Valerie R
Stress melts Another time when I arrived with tight, stressed muscles, and left with muscle tension gone, and feeling much more relaxed. I particularly appreciated the work Jordana did with neck and shoulder muscles. I highly recommend her for anyone needing body work.
Nancy M
Great Great
Casondra C
AMAZING!!! Kaw Valley does an amazing job! You will feel like a totally new person when you leave.
Barbara S
Blessed hands Thanks to Alison's gifted hands and experience she was able to help my frozen shoulder begin to relax in just one visit! I will be back. Thank you.
Susan M
The best massage ever Review of Jordana Arnold I had a hour massage from Jordana and it was awesome
The Amazing Alison I was treated to a fantastic massage with true professionalism and care. Alison found points of tension I had no idea were there. The experience with her at Kaw Valley was my first, but I am 100% certain...not my last. Thank you
David L
Excellent Jordana is incredible!!
Cameron P
Great muscle massage Alison provided a massage when my back was really hurting. I will return.
Joan W
Always relaxing After a session with Jordana, I always leave feeling relaxed and much better than when I came in. She worked on some problem areas and they feel much better. I highly recommend taking time for yourself with a massage at Kaw Valley!
Relaxing Totally relaxing, felt rejuvenated
christy k
highly recommend I've been to massage therapists in various places and have had appointments with Jordana for . . . a long time, and in all categories she is just excellent. I send people to her whenever I can.
Judith D
client Best massage ever!
Terry T
Great massage place found by luck. I found this by happenstance driving by while on a trip to Lawrence. Couldn’t be more pleased. Had an absolutely wonderful massage by Jordana. Best massage I have ever had. Jordana was the perfect combination of warm and friendly but quiet and serene during the massage. Even more importantly, her massage skills were unquestionable. I will definitely return when I do my return trips to Lawrence, Kansas.
Ruth F
massage Review of Alison Dishinger massage
Christopher B
Massage The ladies at Kaw Valley Massage are fantastic and well educated in their practice. The provide impeccable services while taking care of their clients. Check them out any time.
Susan R
Smart, intuitive massage Alison is an experienced and intuitive masseuse and she is very good at picking out those tight muscles and coaxing them into relaxation.
David L
Excellent Jordana is excellent!!!
Brian C
Great people !! Another renewing massage. Work hard Jordana and Cara keep this arthritic body moving 👍
Relief from neck and shoulder pain Great massage--Jordana used deep tissue massage to work with my neck and shoulders and the results were great. The discomfort I'd felt for a week or so are gone, and energy level is up. I hadn't mentioned it to her; she just seemed to know which muscles needed that massage. I highly recommend her work.
Marcia Z
Healing massage Review of Jordana Arnold Body responding well to deep massage and warm healing touch! Many many thanks!
Talon A
Massaged by an Angel!!! Truly the best and most relaxing massage I’ve ever experienced. Allison is a true Master of her craft and a wonderful human being.
Susan M
Jordana Review of Jordana Arnold Massage was wonderful
Greg R
Jordana. Great all around. Jordana intuit’s and asks what’s going on. Great massage.
David L
Massage Jordana is fantastic!
Marcia Z
Massage Review of Jordana Arnold Five days later still feeling positive energy f on full body massage. So very grateful for the time given. Deeply appreciated. Many blessings to you.
Martha B
My favorite part of any week I always look forward to my massage time with Jordana. I arrive with knots and aches and leave feeling so relaxed. I've been getting professional massages for decades, but Jordana is the best!
Jenine M
Relaxing and revitalizing Alison has deep knowledge and ability. Massage in a lovely calm space.
Hollie B
Wonderfully relaxing! I don't so massages. I don't like to be touched and relaxation is usually a far off dream in my world. But I decided to try a massage of my head, shoulders, hands, and feet. Allison listened to my concerns and requests and provided an amazing massage. The room was peace I, the blankets were warm, and she has just the right touch. I will definitely be back!
Aaron S
Wonderful and effective Jessica was very informative and nice, very good for new comers to professional masseuse work and very talented and effective at stress relief. Wonderful prices made booking the massage irresistible.
Brian C
Place is great ! Both Cara and Jordana fantastic ! Have been getting massage for decades .. bad arthritis. They help keep you feeling good !
B.L. Hall
regular biweekly client I keep coming back for a reason. Try Jessica and she’ll have you coming back ,too!
Mary W
The Best! Review of Jordana Arnold The only complaint I have about Jordana's massages is I have to drive so far to get one. I've tried finding a massage therapist closer to home, but no one comes close to giving as relaxing, healing, and/or fabulous a massage as Jordana. She truly is the BEST!
Mackenzie C
100% satisfied Review of Jessica Phoenix Was my second massage ever, Jessica was amazing and very knowledgeable! Definitely recommend her!
Bonnie P
At Home I have been visiting this area and from the time I first entered the office, I knew this was the right fit for me. Jordana is a very experienced massage therapist and I felt very at ease and at "home". Travelling as I do, maintaining good flexibility is key for me. The massages I received have helped keep me "mind, body, spirit in balance while away from home. Thank you so very much. I would highly recommend Kaw Valley Massageto anyone and look forward to a massage when I come back to Lawrence!
David L
Angels at work Super super!!!
Theresa A
Awesome! I always look forward to my massages! Cara is great!
Morgan E
Amazed! I went to Jordana for the first time because of some unexplained rib/spine pain that had been unbearable for about two weeks. After one appointment the pain is completely gone! So grateful, and I will definitely be back.
Bev M
Amazingly Intuitive Jordana has an amazing intuition when finding the right spots to massage out to make you feel better. She’s got magic hands!!!
Rachel M
Calming and thoughtful Review of Jessica Phoenix Massage in general is always fabulous, but the atmosphere here was particularly calming. I left feeling physically relaxed and a happier about life. They did a good job asking questions beforehand to prevent using anything I was allergic to (like lavender oil) and to make sure the massage focused on particular concerns I had, like storing stress in my shoulders. She also did a good job explaining what she was doing and what I needed to do next so I could relax. I'm going back as soon as I can!
Kurt M
Best Cara is the best...kind compassionate with healing hands...i left feeling much better...thank you!
Greg R
Best massage I’ve had First massage with Jordana who is really engaging, loves what she does and is very skilled.
Ariele E
Cara is Amazing I’ve visited a few different therapists in town (to show support) but I always come back to Cara. A great balance between relaxing and therapeutic.
Theresa A
Love this place! The atmosphere is so relaxing, and I always look forward to 'me' time! Cara does a great job!
David L
Terrific Terrific, as usual!!
Valerie R
Thank you! Review of Cara Schuster Thanks, Cara, for a wonderful relaxing and renewing massage. I really appreciated it.
Marla W
Massage with Jessica Review of Jessica Phoenix I had a massage with Jessica and totally loved it. She helped my neck and back issues. I totally love the oil she uses!
Todd W
Cara is wonderful! I am so happy to recieve such excellent work from Cara. She is highly skilled, intuitve and a empathetic healing presence. I highly recommend her work!
Stan S
Deep tissue Review of Jessica Phoenix My massage with Jessica was quite good. Great ambiance during the hour and 1/2 session : altogether it was soothing and relaxing, music volume just right, not too loud and overbearing. Jessica has strong hands and is knowledgeable about the pressure points. Excellent!
David L
Excellent Excellent, as usual!!!
Terry H
Gifted healer Wonderful, enriching massage and interaction, with Jordana. Truly a gifted and knowledgeable healer.
David L
Great!!! Cara did a terrific job!!
Jessica M
Great first experience! Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica was such a great masseuse. It was my first time at Kaw Valley, and I was very satisfied with my experience. I loved the aromatherapy portion of the massage, and I also loved how Jessica broke down her observations about my back and neck alignment/knots. I'll definitely be coming back!
Laurie M
Great massage I always enjoy my massages with Cara. The atmosphere at Kaw Valley massage is professional and comforting. I highly recommend her! It is easy to book online took!
Matt W
Great professional Service! Very relaxing and soothing massage
Christian I
Massage Massage review
Maggie C
one of the best Review of Jordana Arnold Jordana has a healing touch. I always savor every minute of a massage from her.
Marcia Z
Superb Felt very relaxed and filled with energy. Many thanks.
Marcia Z
Superb Review of Jordana Arnold Very relaxed and such tender care experienced. I surely hope to return. While sore, it is a "good" sore and the neck movement is better. Many thanks. Marcia
Kelly C
Jessica!!! Review of Jessica Phoenix Pretty sure my body would be in BAD shape if it wasn't for Jessica! She's worked on me for years and I am a monthly visitor. She has recently started "cupping" which seems to have some great benefits. Jessica is super intuitive and knowledgeable about the body, she's also just a fabulous person!
Theresa A
Much needed massage Cara does such a great job. I always look forward to my appointments.
Kirk D
Looks like,I have new go to person when life requires good hands...and authenticity. Doing much better in drama with pinched nerve in neck. Restorative massage was the biggest step forward on the road to normalcy. (2 months and many treatments. Big improvement after some very small improvements and slide backs. Thanks Cara.
Kenneth B
back massage for ken Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica's massage was awesome. She was professional and effective. My neck and back felt so much better afterwards.
James S
Awesome Review of Jessica Phoenix Walked in and was in discomfort and pain. Jessica was great in understanding what was wrong and excellent on relieving discomfort!
Awesome Awesome and amazing massage by Kara. She is absolutely wonderful. I have often received masssges over the last 15 years and hers by far outshine the others. Love her technique and her sweet personality!
Theresa A
Cara is awesome!!!! I always look forward to my massage appointments with Cara. She does a great job!
Amanda H
Client Focused Jordana is awesome! She always takes the time to work out whatever issues I am having and talk me through things I can do at home to help me stay healthy and active. I'm so glad I found Kaw Valley.
David L
Excellent Cara did an excellent job... attentive, caring!!
David L
Excellent Cara is outstanding!
Excellent I booked a massage on a whim. I hadn’t had a massage in a while, but Cara put me at ease. She was mindful of my body’s needs to provide the ultimate massage experience. I’m looking forward to booking with Cara again.
Excellent massage. Cara was professional, friendly, put me at ease, and I received exactly the type of massage I requested.
Cara S
Cupping Release! Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica gave me a wonderful 90 minute massage that she incorporated cupping into, providing much needed release in my neck and shoulders. The following day my neck released several times. Highly recommended for ultra tight muscle tension.
Jamie W
Great Deep Tissue Massage! Review of Jessica Phoenix I had a terrible migraine stemming from neck and upper back pain. Jessica was able to get me scheduled right away and provided great relief! I definitely recommend her.
Lynn S
Great Experience! Cara provides an excellent massage -- she's very skilled, and I leave feel totally refreshed. I can't wait to visit again!
Bob Schumm
Great Massage Review of Cara Schuster Cara is very knowledgeable in her field of massage therapy.She greatly helped me get my neck and shoulder back in shape.A real pro!
Melissa R
Great massage ! Thank you Cara! This was my first massage at Kaw Valley and Cara took the time to ask questions and listen so I had a great experience! I will be back soon!
Todd W
Great massage! Cara is a wonderful therapist. I highly recommend her work!
Diane K
Highly satisfied wtih Cara's treatment Review of Cara Schuster My first massage with Cara was after 18 months of inactivity because of foot problems. Cara's technique promoted relaxation. She adjusted to my body structure after starting at an "easy" level, moving to a stronger level after a few minutes. She answered my questions about posture problems with sensible solutions, and is personable and efficient. I am totally satisfied and scheduled another massage.
Emily M
Jessica Review of Jessica Phoenix She’s always awesome!!!!
Kelly C
Jessica! Review of Jessica Phoenix I have seen Jessica monthly for 3 or 4 years. She knows my muscles better than I do! Jessica is super intuitive and has a great sense of people and their massage needs. Treat yourself!
Kelly C
Jessica!!! Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica has worked my body monthly for years now and probably knows my muscles better than I do! You will be in the best hands with Jess. Book her, now!!!
Jessica is wonderful! Review of Jessica Phoenix Highly recommend!
David L
Jordana The very best!!!
Christina c
Massage with Jessica Review of Jessica Phoenix I had never had a professional massage before so it was a new experience . Jessica was wonderful.She made me feel comfortable . It exceeded my expectations . I have already scheduled my next one .
Sara M
Outstanding Massage Review of Jessica Phoenix I have had two sessions with Jessica so far, and they have been two of the best massages of my life. She is such a lovely and genuine person. I feel that she really listens and cares about my specific needs. I highly recommend her to everyone, especially those whose body could use a little extra care.
Jeanne R
Perfect! Another wonderful and productive massage from Jordana. She listened carefully to my concerns and geared her massage to alleviate the pain I was experiencing. Got great results from my chiropractor after my massage. Sooooo good!
Angeleek B
She is the Best Review of Jessica Phoenix I highly recommend Jessica she is amazing with her hands
cindy L
What a session! Review of Cara Schuster This week was the first time in many weeks where I started my week off feeling great. When your body is all in knots and you just can't work it you know that feeling? Well, go see Cara and it will go away. I am already planning my next visit. I have felt so great this week. Thanks again. Cindy L.
Noelle N
Excellent Review of Jessica Phoenix I see Jessica regularly now. She is wonderful. She finds my spots and isn’t afraid to dig in! The ambience is very relaxing. Last time, i was so relaxed, I put my shirt on backwards :p Thank you Jessica
Stephanie T
Blissful Massage! Cara has now given me two massages and she is not only very professional, but she is so kind, accommodating and caring! Her deep tissue massage is effective in releasing knots and tension yet also very relaxation-inducing! I give her and this spa my highest rating!
Vanessa W
Cara is a dream I've seen Cara a couple times now and it's always been just what I need. She always asks what my body needs, where she can focus, and checks in with me at least once or twice throughout the massage to make sure I'm comfortable. The space is also exceptionally relaxing and cozy with low-lighting, calming scents, and nice music - it's a very pleasing place to be!
Ryan G
Awesome Massage Cara was great. I left feeling an inch taller than I started. I’ve definitely found a new therapy home.
Sasha B
Cara is a genius It takes a really talented body worker to apply just the right amount of pressure without going causing pain. I prefer very light pressure, but long soothing strokes to help the aching muscles release on their own. This is the 2nd time I've seen Cara and the second time I've felt so much better after my massage.
Jennifer & John L
Excellent We each had an appointment with Cara. The massage was exceptional. It was very relaxing. We will be going back for sure. Highly recommend.
David L
Massage Ho hum... fantastic, as usual!!
Great massage! Review of Cara Schuster First professional massage I have ever had. Will certainly do again!
Massage One word -- FABULOUS
Scott M
Massaging out the Unknowns Jordana has the magic to find pain points I didn’t know existed. I feel fortunate to have found her.
Margaret R
Nice Work😏 Cara gave me. 90 minute massage and I thorougly enjoyed it. She hit all of the spots plus there were a few pleasant surprises I wasn’t expecting. I’ll let you discover them for yourself!
Alex Williams
Wonderful! I had never had a massage before, & this was such a great first experience! I had an appointment with Cara, who was very nice & informative. I was able to ask them questions about the body, stretches, etc. & they were able to steer me in the right direction. It was a calming experience that I would recommend to anyone. I come from a background of color, so honestly going in to get a massage was a little out of my comfort zone as that isn't necessarily within my culture's norms. But I was really glad I went to check it out, it wasn't at all like I imagined it would be. It wasn't intrusive & I felt comfortable the entire time. They were really professional & seemed like they knew what they were doing. My results are amazing. I slept really well afterwards. I could feel/hear little pops here & there in the days following the massage. As though the healing wasn't over! I feel really good about going in. Right before I left, I asked & they said they do offer giftcards. I'm totally getting someone a giftcard there as a wedding present or anniversary present, whenever another person I know gets hitched. It would make a fantastic gift.
Simon P
Wonderful deep tissue massage Review of Cara Schuster Cara was very intuitive and thorough. It was one of the best deep tissue massages I've had in a while. I will definitely be back.
Shannon K
Wonderfully relaxing! Cara is wonderful. I so enjoyed this massage. It was exactly what I needed to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Thank you, Cara!
Mimi K
Awesome Review of Jessica Phoenix I get regular massages, and have had many therapists. Jessica is one of the best. Her hands are like magnets going directly to the areas that need work. She is the real deal.
Jean C
Amazing! Review of Jordana Arnold Jordana is wonderful - feel like a new person! Highly recommended!
Awesome experience! Review of Jessica Phoenix Visited Jessica for the first time for a massage experience. She was super friendly and approachable. Had a fabulous massage and felt super relaxed afterwards. I would definitely go back and highly recommend her!
Eric M
Amazing Review of Cara Schuster Great job…consummate professional! Thank you :-)
Best Massage!! Cara Schuster is my favorite massage practitioner- she is so gifted. I live on the West Coast with tons of massage options but I always wait until I'm visiting my family in Lawrence to get a massage with Cara. It's also nice and cool in the massage studio so the heat outside isn't an issue.
Theresa A
Awesome! Cara does such a great job! I always feel welcome, and leave feeling less stressed!!! -- Thank you!
Scott A
Awesome Massage Cool place with great massage therapists.
Theresa A
Cara is amazing! Cara never disappoints! She is awesome!
Ken B
Wednesday Awesome massage. Very helpful
Laura O
Excellent massage! I had a wonderfully relaxing massage by Cara. I was grateful she was able to see me the same day and I felt 100% better after my appointment. Highly recommend Cara.
Exactly What I Needed Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica gives the best massage I have had! Her studio is peaceful and relaxing, and the whole experience is just perfect!
Rosemary M
excellent Very thorough
David L
Fabulous!!!! As usual!!
Fantastic! Review of Jessica Phoenix Thank you Jessica! My massage helped with my hands and got all the knots out of my back. Wonderful job.
Lance W
Fantastic! Review of Jessica Phoenix The massage is amazing. It will leave you feeling like you are floating out of the building.
Terry G
Fantastic deep tissue massage Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica is a great massage therapist. I'm a repeat customer. I told her where I was tight and she did a fantastic job of finding the areas and releasing them. I've gotten hundreds of massages in my travels across the planet. She is definitely in my top 3.
Audrey T
Feeling rejuvenated I always leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to conquer my next project.
Sally K
Focused attention Jordana took the time to find out about my issues and address the underlying causes and preventative measures before providing a great massage
Lynn S
Great! Great! I love coming to Cara -- she gives the most incredible massages. Treating myself to a massage is just the right thing to do sometimes, and I know when I see Cara I will not be disappointed!
Kara is the BEST I've had so many massages in my life but Kara has given me the most relief for my chronic back and shoulder pain. I highly recommend her and will continue to see her as often as my budget allows. She has been great with working with my schedule as I like evening appointments. Funny side note, I was talking with a good friend and telling her she had to try my lady she was the best. My friend said she already had the best and turns out she was talking about Kara!
Sasha B
Most Soothing Massage Ever Cara is an exceptionally gifted massage therapist who knows how to adjust use long, soothing strokes rather than force to ease aching muscles into their proper alignment and flexible, pain-free state. I honestly haven't had a massage that made me feel that good in many years. Looking forward to my next appointment in December.
Theresa A
Much needed massage Review of Cara Schuster Cara does an awesome job! I always look forward to my massage.
wendy s
What a gift I need deep tissue massage for my back problems and only Cara can do the work for me. Thanks for the relief! A++++
David L
The very best Knowledgeable, caring, excellent technique
Shannon H
Wonderful! Kara is a great massage therapist and Kaw Valley provides a comfortable and soothing environment! I will definitely return!
Kelly C
Always fabulous!! Review of Jessica Phoenix I visit Jessica monthly and have for years. On this last massage, I deemed her the 'back whisperer'. She's magic! Thanks Jess! ;)
Valerie R
Unlocked those tight muscles Jordana knew exactly how to work with the neck and upper back muscles. Her massage released them and unblocked energy flow. It's amazing how refreshing and restorative that was! Have been humming along on all cylinders ever since.
Wonderful! I had the hour massage and it was wonderful! She focused on my tighter areas and also was able to even the whole body out, as well. Highly recommend Kaw Valley Massage to everyone! (Light, Medium, and Firm pressure options = wonderful!)
Massage Excellent, professional facility. Insightful, caring and skillful massage therapist, with great understanding and expertise.
Lesley O
Very Relaxing! My massage with Jessica was very relaxing. It was a great experience!
Shannon H
Fantastic! Cara worked magic on my sore back! Not only was the massage effective for my muscle pain and tightness, it was the most relaxing and restorative massage I have ever had. I woke up the next day feeling amazing - I totally recommend Cara at Kaw Valley Massage!
Debbie F
Wonderful massage Cara was wonderful. Will be back🌞
David L
Fantastic experience Review of Jordana Arnold Recovering from knee replacement and Jordana made a huge difference in making me feel so much better!
Bernie C
Great body massage I had an hour massage and wish it never ended, the experience was wonderful and Cara is the best, although I haven't had very many massages this massage make me want to get one on a regular basis. Thanks for a great experience.
Jane P
Great experience Jordana really knows her stuff. Felt wonderful afterward.
Laurie M
great massage Great place to get a massage. I love the atmosphere of this salon- it is very charming, just below the Eldridge Hotel and the people that work there are very warm and welcoming. I love that I can book a massage online.
Shannon R
Happy>Pain I go to Jessica once a month and have also gone to Jordana. Both do an excellent job of finding problem areas. I am always surprised how well they can tell where I have issues even if I forget to mention it. Since I started going regularly my chronic pain has decreased significantly.
Luemas E
Hugely beneficial experience! It was my first time to recieve Cara's care and wonderful it was! She provides an exceptional professional massage therapy experience I fully recommend.
Ryan R
Jessica Review of Jessica Phoenix I really enjoyed my massage. I was staying at The Eldridge next door and signed up for a massage online. It was easy and Jessica was friendly and warm. She is an excellent masseuse.
David L
Jessica Great massage... attention to detail, caring... felt wonderful!
Bev M
Jordana is the Muscle Whisperer Jordana always knows the exact spots to work on and you leave feeling amazing! I've had massages all over the US traveling in my job and she's the best!!!
Krista G
Pain be gone! I always look forward to a massage with Jordana. She has a magic touch. After my massage yesterday my shoulder was pain free for the first time in a month. Ahhhhh!
James S
Totally refreshing Review of Jessica Phoenix Was experiencing lower back pain. Booked an appointment and Jessica went over where I was hurting and having discomfort. With the perfect pressure I was rejuvenated and feeling so much better. She also gave me some strenches to keep affected area loose. Will book again!
Lorraine R
Wonderful Very professional and equally caring. Good improvement in painful sciatica !
Shelly L
Wonderful! Jordana was amazing! not only in the massage but the great uplifting conversation. Will visit her each time I am in town. Thank you!
Amazing Seriously the best place ever! Cara is the best masseuse in Lawrence! Super pleased with the service every time.
Terry T
Amazing! Very knowledgeable and take time to get to know the whole story of your pain/problem. I would highly recommend them to anyone with back issues or just in need of a great massage! 5 stars!
Merrie S
Wonderful as Always! Review of Jordana Arnold Jordana never ceases to amaze me with her intuitive knowingness and massage expertise!
Carmen M
Best massage ever Hour massage by Cara S. it was the best I've ever had! I've been getting regular massages for 11+ years. She's the best!
Courtney M
Amazing experience! Review of Jessica Phoenix I've been suffering with major tension issues and back pain lately and Jessica was exactly what I needed. She found my trouble spots right off the bat and the whole hour was heaven. Thank you so much Jessica, I feel like me again!:-)
Melanie L
Cara Schuster - massage therapist Review of Cara Schuster I went at the Kaw Valley massage because it was really convenient for me as an Elridge Hotel client. What a surprise! I received a 90 minutes deep tissues massage and it was the best I had in a long, long time. I really enjoyed my experience and hope to go back in Lawrence (for work) and especially to have another massage :-)
Theresa A
Cara is awesome!!! I can't say enough good things about Cara at Kaw Valley Massage! She is amazing and does a great job! I always look forward to my appointments.
B.L. Hall
Cara subbed for Jessica I have been seeing Jessica every 2-3 weeks for a long time. When she was unable to see me last week Cara stepped in. WOW! I still love Jessica, but Cara can sub for her anytime. She has years of experience and knows how to locate trigger points that need attention. I am over 60 and am an avid gardener, have SJD and 5 grandsons under 7 so I have to keep my back healthy. Jordana sees my husband. I highly recommend Kaw Valley Massage. They know what they are doing and do it well.
Emily F
Deep tissue massage Review of Jessica Phoenix Relaxing massage that helped alleviate trigger points in my muscles
Shannon R
Excellent Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica went above and beyond to give me relieve from chronic back pain.
Ariele E
Great atmosphere and location! Lovely aroma as soon as you enter the space. Very quiet, warm, relaxing. Pleasant :)
Laurel W
Jessica Phoenix massage Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica is fantastic! I always look forward to my bi-monthy massage appointments. Jessica is a skilled massage therapist, and always makes me feel incredibly comfortable. She is attentive to my feelings, both emotionally and physiologically, and takes time to truly listen to what is going on in my life. Jessica is someone who you can talk with--or choose not to talk with--during your massage; I never feel pressured one way or the other, which is different from other massage therapists I've seen. I always leave feeling 110% better. I highly, highly recommend her.
Bruce C
Great Job, Jessica Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica was warm and friendly, and I enjoyed the studio's relaxing atmosphere - the downtown location is great too. Jessica's work was thorough and I was very pleased to have visited, and I will again soon. Thanks Jessica!
Theresa A
Great massage! Cara is awesome and gives wonderful massages. I always look forward to my appointments.
Kelly C
Jessica, the best!! Review of Jessica Phoenix I get monthly massages from Jessica and always leave there a new person! She is body intuitive and her pressure is perfect. Don't hesitate to book with Jess!!!
Celena R
Massage Review of Jordana Arnold I have osteoarthritis in my neck due to major car accident. I also type all day. Jordana's understanding of my condition and her massage is out of this world. You will not be disappointed!!!!
Ken B
Saturday massage Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica's massage was very effective and relaxing. I could tell right away it had a positive impact on my flexibility.
The Best Review of Cara Schuster Cara is the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. Her work is sensitive, robust, kind and exceptionally healing. I am at ease with her & sense her wonderful spirit in the gift of her work. I feel very fortunate to have found her.
Audrey T
Always feels amazing Review of Jordana Arnold After I've overworked and over done it Jordana's massage always makes me feel amazing. It's relaxing and she has a way of tackling my problem areas that gives relief. I leave her office feeling relaxed and revived. I highly recommend scheduling your massage today.
Best in town! Review of Jessica Phoenix Beyond the inviting, relaxing and comfortable space Jessica's technique and attention to detail is excellent. Looking forward to my next massage!
jill z
Life-changing massage Jordana can read from my body what it needs. When I get up from the table I feel taller and like I stand more firmly on my feet. After many nights of legs cramps, I had a massage and slept peacefully all night long. Jordana also offers helpful advice about other things I can do for my health and well-being. I can't recommend her highly enough!
Jeanne R
Spot On! My massage with Jordana was perfect. She spent a lot of time reviewing my areas of concern and then did a wonderful job of addressing those areas. She is very professional and knowledgeable. I got great relief from Jordana's massage. Looking forward to another visit soon.
Kara H
First time, WILL be back! Review of Jessica Phoenix I'm so glad I noticed Kaw Valley Massage when I walked past it once! Decided to give it a shot and wound up booking an appointment with Jessica. Jessica is easy to talk to and is excellent at what she does. I'm definitely going to book appointments with her as a regular routine!
Merrie S
5 Stars! Wonderful as always!
Highly recommended Now I've gotten a massage with Jordana and Jessie. Both lovely ladies that are amazing at what they do. Highly recommended!
Paula W
Excellent Massage Thanks so much Jordana for your special touch to relieve my sore muscles. You are awesome and I will be back to see you soon!
Tena S
Great massage Jordana is so kind and considerate and gives the best massage in the world ! I feel like I'm on cloud nine when I leave !
Amazing I've been seeing Jordana every 4-6 weeks for almost 2 years and love it! Highly recommend her!
Allie R
Jordana I've been coming to Jordana for massages for 25 years. Still so happy each time I have one from her! She knows the amount of pressure my body needs, and I am always grateful for such body love and pain relief!
Jennifer S
Wonderful I had the deep tissue massage and it was the best. Jessica worked on my shoulder and the headache I walked in with, was gone by the end of the session. Although I live outside of Lawrence, I will be making the trip back!!
Highly recommended. Jessica is first-rate! Helped ease my sore back and neck. Recommended.
Krista G
In a class by herself I've been getting monthly massages for 25 years. Jordana is better than any other massage therapist I've known - she's in a class by herself. Transcendental!
Orion D
Jessica is great! Review of Jessica Phoenix I had my first massage at Kaw Valley and only my second massage ever the other week. There isn't anything I would have changed. Jessica is very receptive to what you and your body are asking for. It was a very warm and welcoming environment and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing day free of stress.
Darcie T
I will be back!! Review of Jessica Phoenix What a great massage! Jessica was used the right pressure to help fix my aching body up. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Aimee P
Just what I needed Making an appointment with Jordana was the best thing I have done in awhile. I had hurt my back and was tired of the pain. She listened to me explain what was happening and then spent the time to work on my whole body. The massage was wonderful and she was so thorough. I left feeling better than I had since I had injured myself and I had some tips to prevent future strains and pains. I am already looking forward to the next time I need a bit of maintenance.
Kelly C
Jessica IS THE BEST! Review of Jessica Phoenix I see Jessica once a month. She is intuitive and super knowledgeable about the body! She knows more about my aches than I do! Book her today!!!!!
Emily F
Massage Review of Jessica Phoenix Great massage!
Jeremy B
More than massage I've gotten massages from Jordana and have given several as gifts and myself and everyone I've referred has been beyond satisfied. Jordana learns all she can about your body, habits and anything that may be affecting your wellbeing and focuses there to leave you in a much better state. I have gotten many massages over the years but have never felt like I do when leaving Kaw Valley. Great service quality and experience!
Julia S
Thank you! Review of Jessica Phoenix My massage was a reward for running a half marathon. It was terrific and I felt much better afterwards.
Ken B
Tuesday ?
Audrey T
Much needed massage After 2 full days of running a booth at Maple Leaf Festival a Monday massage with Jordana was amazing. I felt like I could tackle the week ahead.
Beverly M
Intuitive & Excellent! Jordana gave me the best massage. She immediately finds the muscles needing work. She truly listens and is a compassionate and caring person.
Awesomeness again! Jessica knows how to get to the deep layers, one by one and in the end, my whole body released tension. I feel awesome!
Jen O
Always a good experience! I absolutely love coming to see Jessica. She is always professional, genuine and does such an amazing job. I always leave feeling total relaxed and so much better than when I walked it.
Connie F
Jordana was great! My first time here and I will definitely be back! Thanks so much!
Emily M
Thank You!! Thank you so much for the massage oils!!!
Love this place I been lucky enough to have both Jordana and Jessica give me massages. They are both intuitive and skilled. I left feeling wonderful!
Elaine W
fantastic massage Review of Jordana Arnold Jordana is amazing, and very knowledgeable about massage, and health; she addressed the pain issues I'd been having and I feel so much better!
Krista G
Magic As always, your fingers are magic - working out the painful knots in my muscles and helping me reduce stress. Thanks!
Cayce J
Best Massage Ever Review of Jordana Arnold Jordana was amazing! Not the typical massage, but felt like 10 lbs had been lifted off of me. I could feel the stress leaving my body.
Jennifer W
Amazing Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica knows what she is doing. After a long, tiring two weeks, Jessica did her wonders on me and I felt so relaxed. Thank you Jessica!
Krista G
World's Best Tune-up Wow, Jordana, you just gave me the world's best tune-up. I was feeling sore and achy after running after the grandkids for a week, but you took care of that! Best massage ever! And I get them regularly with you, so that's saying a lot. Thanks for the TLC!
Emily F
60 Minute Deep Tissue Great service. Staff is knowledgeable & professional
Jane P
Great massage Wonderfully relaxing environment.
Emily M
Always feel better Always feel much better after my massage. Thanks Jess
Scott McMurray
A-mazing! Review of Jordana Arnold Jordana has an amazing gift for locating your problem areas within just the first few moments of your message. I have never found anyone who puts as much thought into the massage they are giving. At the same time all of her moves are so delibrate, long, and exact. Hands down, she is the best.
Sarah S
Awesome Perfect setting for a perfect massage.
David L
Excellent Jordana is the best!!
David L
Excellent Thank you, Jessica!
Great experience Jessica was really welcoming, which made me feel really comfortable under her care. She was very conversational which I personally believe made my appointment more enjoyable. I also really liked the whisping feathers decor on the ceiling. With The quality of the massage combined with the affordable pricing, I will definitely book again.
Gina S
Great massage! I have so far had two wonderful massages. Jessica has just the right touch. I highly recommend her!
Emily F
Great massage! Review of Jessica Phoenix Great evironment, attentive & qualified staff. My therapist provided a good massage & advised me on a treatment plan according to my needs.
Krista G
Hands on A massage with Jordana is always a great way to relax in the middle of the work week. She has magic fingers!
Kelly C
Jessica, always fabulous! She's the best!
holistic and thorough Jordana asked questions that got to the root of my muscle tension, and was very thorough with the massage and with advice for follow up modalities
Christopher C
Massage Had a wonderful massage and recommend Kaw Valley Massage to anyone looking for a massage.
David L
Outstanding Very very relaxing... Jordana is a miracle worker!!
sandy c
The best I've been getting massages once or twice a month for about 15 years since being diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. Since moving to Lawrence I've been seeing Jordana after trying several therapists in town. She is the best. So intuitive and competent that she knows the spots to pay special attention, sometimes without me telling her. Also a very professional atmosphere without being clinical. Over the years I have tried various therapies and lately combining Rolfing with massage has proved really effective. Rolfing sort of shakes things up and then a massage from Jordana seems to smooths and integrates. Last time she found the exact spot the rolfer worked on without my mentioning it and there has been noticeable progress with my shoulder. I recommend Jordana most highly either therapeutically or for relaxation and am grateful I found her years ago.
"This is not a cruise ship!" I associate massage with comfort and relaxation. But the benefit with Jordana Arnold is that it is therapeutic as well.
Krista G
You take such good care of me! Jordana, thanks for always taking such good care of me. You are the best!
Elizabeth K
Jessica's Magical Mellow Massage Review of Jessica Phoenix I really appreciate Jessica's attention to the nuances of subtle sensitivities I have in my tissues as a result of so much surgery. She was very effective at helping me release tension deeply held and also cleared stuck energy in places that are hard for me to access during my own exercise. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone who wants this service.
Kelly C
Jessica-the best!! Review of Jessica Phoenix I am a monthly client of Jessica's, maybe because she is the best! She is very intuitive to the body and can find all the problem spots. She is also easy to schedule! Treat yourself!!
Merrie S
Maaaavelous! As always, Jordana's talent and expertise equal a gloriously healing experience.
Elizabeth S
Prenatal bliss Review of Jessica Phoenix At 36 weeks pregnant with my fourth child, I found myself in desperate need of some relaxation. Jessica was wonderful and i left feeling the studio feeling fantastic!
Andrea D
Excellent service! Jessica, you do a marvelous job and I always look forward to visiting you (and visiting with you!). You are a delight!
Todd M
Massage Review of Jordana Arnold Always thorough, always professional and helpful
Drew Findlay
Outstanding Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica was outstanding. I was injured in an accident and sustained enough damage that a chiropractor couldn't help me because I mostly had muscle tissue damage which led to a pinched nerv in my neck. I could barely move my head up and down or sideways. Jessica was able to isolate the area and helped out greatly in relaxing the muscles so I could function again.
Aly E
One of the best! Review of Jessica Phoenix Fantastic, as always!
Ashley K
Highly recommend! Review of Jessica Phoenix One of the best massages I've ever had. Left feeling completely relaxed and pain-free. Will definitely recommend and be back for my next massage!
B.L. Hall
gardener's delight Review of Jessica Phoenix I am over 60 and maintain hundreds of irises and daylilies. An hour with Jessica and I can go another week without creaking from weeding. I highly recommend.
Johana B
Amazing! I've gotten two massages at Kaw Valley with Jordana and she's amazing! She cares about your needs, takes her time, focus on all areas you need her too and really sweet. Highly recommended!
Maxine T
Thank you Review of Jordana Arnold Great!!
melanie b
Massage Magic Jessica provides an amazing massage. I have been to her a number of times, and each massage is somewhat different, but always just what I needed. I always leave her feeling more at peace with my world.
Doug D
Excellent deep-tissue massage Review of Jessica Phoenix Had my first session with Jessica, and found her to have quite the natural talent for it. She readily found and remedied the spots needing attention that I was aware of, and also many more. I left with my body feeling aligned and lubricated, which is just what I seek from massage. The facility is very comfortable and nicely appointed as well.
Awesome Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica is an artist and gifted massage practitioner. I was so tight, and walked out a new man!
Krista G
Better than a Winter getaway Getting an hour's massage from Jordana in the middle of winter is better than going out of town for a winter getaway! Love it.
B.L. Hall
Dec 30 2015 Jessica's massage was a great way to close out 2015. we have been working hard on a kitchen remodel and moving furnishings out and then quickly back in before Christmas has been tense. massage makes the effort worth it- like a self-reward for work well done. even when I am not sure if Jessica is really doing anything like when running a pressure finger down a hidden line on my back- the next day the difference on how I feel better is remarkable. Thank you
Chris T
Excellence! Review of Jessica Phoenix I've been searching around for a massage therapist as good as Jessica for years. She makes me feel very comfortable and brings a unique feel to the experience. I would recommend Jessica to anyone looking for a new massage therapist in the area. Nothing short of excellence.
David L
Excellent The best
Emily M
Excellent!! Always feel better after my massage!!
Ben S
Simply amazing! Review of Jordana Arnold I have been going to see Jordana for so long, I consider her to be part of my family! When it comes to massage therapy, I consider her to be on another level! She is patient, kind, very talented, and cares about my well being, not only as a client, but as a human being. When it comes to my back and neck issues, there isn't anyone else I would trust to set me straight! :)
Karan B
Good vibrations Healing energy
Todd M
Healing Review of Jessica Phoenix I had a very sore back and I came to see Jessica after I visted my chiropractor. She was compassionate and kind and asked about the pressure and if I was in pain. I woke up this morning and I could walk and sit with no pain! I feel very blessed to have her taking good care of me. Pain free is cool. Thank you Jessica!
Kris Davis
Great Experience Review of Jordana Arnold Jordana is awesome. I told her I needed a relaxation massage and she did a great job. I left feeling very refreshed and relaxed.
Emily M
Excellent Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica is awesome!!
BL Hall
60 minute full body Can find every knot I have. Great pressure and sometimes it hurts a bit but it's the best kind of hurt- the one where you know it'll feel great the next day. You find the sacral joint pressure point and wow-it hurts and the next day I can stoop without it hurting - love that. I like that you do basically the same EVERYTIME but just enough different to make it interesting. when I leave I feel like I got a therapeutic treatment. I like that kind of massage. Thanks.
David L
Excellent Truly amazing!!
Todd M
Always great Review of Jessica Phoenix Always receive private professional care. Courteous and friendly. I'm a loyal customer because I'm treated like I matter. I
Nancy Y
Excellent in every way! Review of Jordana Arnold Both body and soul helped by Jordana
Megan W
fabulous Thank you so much for a spectacular massage! I will definitely be back soon!
Michael A
Great Massage! Review of Jessica Phoenix The 2 of us could not get massages at the same time but the massages were professional and were exactly what we needed. I would recommend Kaw Valley Massage. Thank you, Jessica!
Nancy Y
Kaw Valley Massage Jordana Arnold
Amazing!! I've had several massages from other businesses and I have to say I was the incredibly pleased with the service at Kaw Valley Massage, the environment was soothing and Jordana was personable, very thorough, made sure I was comfortable, and worked until everything was smoothed out. I will definitely be returning!
Great experience Another Lawrence gem, tucked under the Eldridge, is this massage retreat, staffed by thoughtful, competent massage therapists. Make an appointment. You will feel refreshed.
Rhinnna T
great getaway, professional service My husband and I had a wonderful experience at Kaw Valley Massage. the ladies were friendly and professional. The setting was relaxing and quite pretty. My massage was wonderful. Jessica read my notes carefully and asked questions occasionally to make sure I had the best experience possible.
Maggie C
outstanding massage Jordana gives an outstanding massage. She is a healer at heart.
Diana L
Jessica Amazing massage Will recommend to friends
B.L. H
Jessica the magician You can find all my knots. I do not know how you do it but Thank you. On the way home I realized you forgot my feet. next time.
Jordana is a Healing artist Review of Jordana Arnold Jordana is extremely intuitive and understanding. You will leave her sessions with the feeling of a new body!
Kathi M
massage Review of Jessica Phoenix I had a wonderful experience with Jessica -I asked a lot of questions and she was very patient with me; very cool environment and I will definitely come back and tell my friends about this place.
Mallory B
relaxing The massage was very relaxing. The pressure was just the right amount for me - I prefer a more firm pressure. A very nice experience.
Krista G
You're the Best! Jordana, you never fail to get all my kinks and sore spots out. What would I do without you? Thank you!
Donnie E
Very satisfied! Review of Jessica Phoenix I left thoroughly relaxed with all the kinks worked out. Even went over some problem areas for me. Will request when back in town. THANKS Jessica!
Kelly C
THE BEST! Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica! Always fabulous! Knows the body like the back of her hand! Super massage!
Wonderfully relaxing work & skills. Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica was great at communicating during the massage to make sure pressure and comfort were always at their best. Very relaxing environment and one of the better massages I've had in years. I took a gamble in looking for a new therapist after being somewhat disappointed in others as of late and Jessica was great. I will easily see again.
Krista G
You're the Best! Jordana, You always go the extra mile! Thanks for the greatest massage ever! See you soon again.
Julie V
Jordana has a wonderful touch Jordana has a way of initiating a deep release response in the body. I feel so restored every time I have a massage with her. She really cares! I recommend her very, very highly!
Andrea D
Massage by Jessica Review of Jessica Phoenix Amazing!! You always make my neck and shoulders "good as new"!!
Merrie S
Amazing! Jordana has a special gift! I am grateful for her and highly recommend her!
Brian E
Well worth the ride to Lawrence Review of Jessica Phoenix I'm a motorcyclist and recently scheduled a massage with Jessica at Kaw Valley Massage. I live over 70 miles from Lawrence and rode my Harley up to find the absolute best relaxing massage I've ever received. Jessica works magic with her hands and the client is indeed treated to a professional, talented massage therapist. I will be back often, I hope, and the online scheduling is so nice. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some time with Jessica's abilities. You will be glad you did!
Merrie S
Amazing! Jordana knows where the body needs to be worked on. What an amazing healing touch she has!
Excellent Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica was fantastic and so in tune to my areas I needed focusing on witchy me having to say. Highly recommend. The location and space is very inviting, calm and clean.
David L
Excellent Above and beyond... wonderful... thank you!!!
Novella H
Excell ent Review of Jessica Phoenix I have greatly enjoyed the massages and am very impressed with your skill. Thank you again. You are a miracle worker.
Bev Worster
Post-op muscle relaxing... Review of Jordana Arnold After knee replacement surgery, my muscles all knotted up. Jordana took all the pain away, allowing me to get back to joint therapy. She can fix anything that needs fixin'. Thanks Jordana!
Krista G
You take such good care of me! Jordana - I'm so grateful to you for taking such good care of me every time I get a massage. I leave your office feeling so much better after you've kneaded out all the kinks. Thanks again!
Whitney W
Amazing Prenatal Massage! Review of Jessica Phoenix I would highly recommend Jessica for a massage! She is such a sweet person and truly talented at what she does. The massage was the perfect pressure and very relaxing, which is especially needed for someone entering their third trimester!
Amy P
Great experience Another wonderful massage! Cannot ask for a better experience!
Maggie C
great massage Review of Jordana Arnold I just float out of her office after a massage. She's awesome1
Kaw Valley Massage Revitalized!
Carrie H
magical! Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica goes way beyond massage as I felt her hands were doing a magical dance of healing. She was sensitive to adjust the pressure when needed and I think I actually fell asleep at one point, the whole thing was so relaxing. Highly recommend her!!
Wendy M
Swedish massage Good massage, shoulder and left thigh are a little sore. Its a good sore though!
bar g
Thanks Jordana has been my therapist for many years. I can always count on a great massage with special attention to the trouble spots.
Merrie S
Wonderful! Fabulous as alwsys!
Novella H
Wonderful. It was the best massage that I have had in years. Thank you so much.
Jennifer W
Wonderfullllll You amaze me each time!! I love it!
Krista G
You're the Best! Jordana - every time I get a massage from you I feel like my circuits have been reset. I feel refreshed and reinvigorated. Thanks so much for the TLC. You're the Best!
Rebecca G
Fabulous! Jordana gives one of the best massages I've ever had. She takes the time to figure out what my body and spirit need and then provides it. Thank you, Jordana, for sharing your many gifts.
Tanya H
massage Review of Jessica Phoenix Truly, the best massage that I have ever had. The room was beautiful and clean and the aromatherapy that accompanied the massage was lovely.
Liz C
very relaxing I enjoyed every minute of my massage with Jessica. She took her time to get the kinks out of my back and had helpful tips on how to keep my body healthy.
Lana H
Best Massage! Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica is one of the best Massage Therapist I have been to. I am a Massage Therapist myself and she really paid attention to what I said I was wanting and delivered a seriously healing and relaxing experience, thank you!
Great Massage I would absolutely recommend going to Kaw Valley Massage. My massages there have been outstanding. I have trouble with my lower back and glut muscles getting too tense. Jordana's is the only one I have found that can loosen those tight muscles completely. Great Massage!
Jill K
Great Massage! Review of Jessica Phoenix I have been seeing Jessica on and off for massage for several years and she is my favorite. Her strength and pressure are very good for me and she is very in tune with what your body needs at different times. She has been my favorite masseuse in Lawrence!
Kelly C
Fantastic Experience! Review of Jessica Phoenix I have been seeing Jessica for massage for a few years and I can highly recommend her! She is super intuitive and attentive to your individual needs. Jessica will make you feel immediately at ease. Beautiful space at Kaw Valley Massage. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and energized!
Theresa S
Great massage! Review of Jessica Phoenix I've been getting massages from Jessica for several years, and she is terrific. I only wish I could go every day to work out the kinks in my neck from a desk job. She listens carefully to what you say about where and how you need the massage. She has helped me figure out complicated low back issues as well! I strongly recommend her.
Jill Z
Excellent massage! Review of Jordana Arnold I have had numerous massages by Jordana at Kaw Valley Massage, and I will definitely be back for more. I have tried others in the past, but Jordana is my favorite. She uses just the right amount of pressure and is very receptive to my needs. She also offers helpful advice and potential exercises or yoga positions when I have a physical problem.
Casey H
Amazing experience - Highly recommend! I had a great experience at Kaw Valley Massage. The atmosphere was clean and very relaxing. Jessica was professional, kind and experienced! My massage was amazing. Great pressure and it truly helped me feel relaxed and refreshed. I highly recommend!
Kelly C
Fabulous! Review of Jessica Phoenix Always the best!! Thanks again!
Amy P
Great experience! I loved Kaw Valley Massage from their therapists to their location and layout. Krystal is intuitive and knowledgable! I could not ask for a better experience. Thanks!
Great massage I had another gerat massage with Jordanna. Always very thorough and relaxing. Highly recommended!
Great massage I always feel great after one of Jordanna's massages. Very thorough and she really pinpoints areas that need some focus. Highly recommend!
Healing Artist Jordana is such an intuitive therapist. She is wonderful!
Life Changing I'm pretty sure I left my massage 1-2 inches taller. Thank you for putting me back together, Jordana!!
Krista G
Love Jordana's massages I just drove 450 miles for one of Jordana's magical massages. It was worth it!
Krista G
Love the TLC Jordana, you really worked out the kinks that I got last week lifting my new grandson around the clock. Thanks so much for all the TLC you lavish on your patients.
Julia H
Massage The best!!!
David L
massage great massage.. super service
Marcia J
Massage Review of Jordana Arnold I so enjoyed my massage. Jordana has a real gift and I felt so much better. Whenever I am in Kansas I will definitely schedule a time with her.
David L
Massage with Jessica Excellent -- really enjoyed! Thank you!
Renewal from massage I walk in with my current collection of concerns clustered in my shoulders, or my neck, or my back. Or maybe my activities have introduced sore muscles or joints. The calm setting, Jordana's equanimity and quiet background music contribute to the restorative powers of the massage. I can let her know whether a deep tissue massage or a lighter touch seems right. The massage leaves my tight or sore muscles soothed, and I leave feeling relaxed and renewed, ready to resume my life without the tension I brought in. I'd recommend Kaw Valley to anyone looking for a good massage.
David L
Review Excellent
David L
Wednesday massage Fantastic!
Wonderful! Review of Jessica Phoenix Jessica did some things i've never experienced before. She really knows how to get the Qi flowing! Awesome!
Deb B
Wonderful Massage Enjoyed the massage and it made our stay at the Eldridge even more special !
Adam A
Highly recommended. Review of Jessica Phoenix I wouldn't get a massage anywhere else in Lawrence. The staff is incredibly warm and friendly and make you feel immediately at home. The atmosphere is exactly what it should be--relaxed, inviting, and professional. Jessica Phoenix was extremely attentive to my needs and is an expert in her craft. My body will be thanking me for weeks for stopping in to see Jessica at Kaw Valley Massage!
Jennifer W
Wonderful! Review of Jessica Phoenix 90 minutes was outstanding! Felt wonderful afterwards! Thank you Jessica!!
Jennifer W
Relaxing Jessica was great. Booked her again! I felt so relaxed when I left.